Step 1

 Assuming you've already done what was said on the home page, let's proceed (ifyou haven't CLICK HERE). You will see a screen that looks like the picture here. Select which prize you want and fill in your email address at the bottom right where it's circled (don't worry, they don't spam).

Step 2

You'll see here a form asking for your name, address, etc. Don't worry, this company is reliable and won't send you junk mail. They need your address so they can send you your free gift! Fill out the entire form like so.

Step 3

This is a short step. They should ask if you want a referral or points account. You can choose either but I personally think referral is much easier to do.

Step 4

This step is one of the most important. However, many people forget to do it. You will be taken to a page of "offers". This offers are MANDATORY if you want your free gift or not. Otherwise, if you don't do an offer, your account will sit in limbo, doing nothing and you will not be able to get your free gift. I suggest clicking on "instant" offers because those are the offers that credit the fastest. Clicking on "most popular" offers will show the ones that are probably the easiest or most reliable.
 a. First, before clicking any offers, you should clear your cookies to make sure it will credit.
 b. Click on any offer that catches your interest, I suggest doing an offer from a company you know and recognize, maybe like Emusic.
 c. Clicking on the offer will take you to the offer's page. Complete the requirements. Some offers require you to buy something, but most are just free trials and shouldn't cost you very much.
 d. After you do the offer, click on your "progress" tab at the upper right. See if it says you have completed your offer yet. If it does, a bar showing "20%" will pop up. Some offers take longer than others to go through. Again, this is why I like Instant offers.

Step 5

Your Progress Bar
Get referrals! Post your referral link everywhere, on your Facebook, your blog, your forum signature, etc. It shouldn't be hard. Once you have gotten all your referrals, you put your account up for review and then you may order your free gift!!!!!